North Vancouver Tour

Leaving the beautiful downtown we will cross over the Lions Gate Bridge to the gorgeous North Shore where you will visit the serenity of the West Coast rainforest.Arriving at the Capilano Suspension Bridge which was originally built in 1889, you will be able to pass 450 feet of cedar planks that cross 230 feet above the Capilano River. On the other side an ancient old growth forest will await for you, giving you a welcome hug with its great branches. There you will be able to do the Tree Top Adventure which will give you a squirrel’s eye view of our rainforest. This adventure is a series of carefully engineered cable bridges that are suspended between high trees platforms, letting you become part of nature. Back on the other side of the Bridge, you will find the Cliffwalk. This is the newest activity of the park. It is an unobtrusive cantilevered and suspended walkways hanging out from the granite cliff face above the Capilano River.It is high, narrow, and has a section where they placed very strong glass so you can see the bottom of the cliff! Continuing the tour will take us up to the Peak of Vancouver, Grouse Mountain. Upon arrival we will take the Skyride up to the mountain, 1,200 meters above the ocean to see the most spectacular views of Vancouver and its surroundings. In summer time you have several activities on the mountain; the Lumber Jack Show, the Birds in Motion Show, you can view the two orphaned grizzly bears, Coola and Grinder, and you can take short walks all around the area. In winter you can go ice skating, take a sleigh ride, ski or just enjoy the warmth of the beautiful chalet. When we come back down we will go to the Cleveland Dam, which is found on the base of the mountain and holds one of the water reservoirs for all of Vancouver. The Lion Peaks and the Capilano Lake make the best setting for a lasting photo.





Lions Gate Bridge



This Bridge is the entrance to the Port of Vancouver, built between 1937 to 1938 it has become a landmark of Vancouver.

Capilano Suspension Bridge



Vancouver’s first tourist attraction where the beauty of the original forest of the area can still be experienced with the trills of crossing the world’s longest foot passenger suspension bridge. You can also visit the Tree Top Adventure, and the newest attraction the Cliffwalk.

Grouse Mountain



The Peak of Vancouver, where the views are spectacular.

Cleveland Dam



One of the water reservoirs that provide the drinking water to Vancouver. The combination of the lake and the mountains will remain in your mind forever.


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